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The Delightful “Abuse” of the Flat-bed Scanner...

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Look again! – Scanning the Natural


The Delightful “Abuse” of the Flat-bed Scanner

The medium of scanography – using a flat-bed scanner – is a fascinating possibility to show the natural world in a completely new way.


The “abuse” of the scanner is delightful, too.


The unusual depth of field, with light projected from beneath the object, the rough appearance of the scanned image, with visible particles and crumbs of debris and dust and the streaks of shadows from the moving scanning light… brings out an entire new perspective of the natural world.


For me, it transforms and adds a new dimension to seeing the beauty in flowers and plants. The harshness of the images is intriguing.

And a tension is created. The delicacy of the flower is put in question and with this, my concepts and beliefs of what is beautiful?


I am fascinated by the details and colors.

The natural seems out of place on a scanning pane, and yet becomes captivating with a new and unexpected quality, sparking curiosity to this strangeness. A desire to look closer emerges. And the “known” becomes new again.

Part of this series was exhibited in a group show in Tel Aviv, Zilum Ba’am photography school and published in Dodho Magazine.

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