discarded - scans

I found an old scanner in the recycling dumpster... inspiring! ...  read more...

Flying banana peel
egg shell crush
lemon slice
pink plastic bag
flying banana peel
the apple I didn't eat
pink plastic bag
lemon black
carrot swirl
flying banana peel

trash art

I had this idea, to experiment with scanning and to play with the possibilities in photography, using this tool.

I decided to keep an eye out for a trashed scanner.

And it didn’t take long, and only one stop at a recycling station in the village, to find not just one discarded scanner.

I took two “Brother”s home – both worked fine. I kept the one with the higher dpi performance.

Now, with the perfect “trashed” equipment, what could be better than scanning “trash”. I felt free to use this machine without any restrictions. It had been trashed after all, and I had given it a new and exciting new purpose. Free style.

What is trash? It’s a matter of perspective, I suppose.

My first scan object was a banana peel. I tried different settings – open or closed – and the results kept on improving.

I decided to create a collection of scanned trash – starting with the flying banana peel.


I find beauty in the discarded, rejected and unworthy. Or is it?

Custom prints:


Scanography Collection