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by Edna Goldstein

My name is Janne, and I reside in a small village in the Northern Negev, Israel.

My artistic endeavors are aimed at capturing the beauty of our world and exploring the vast potential of creative expression.

As an artist, I believe in the transcendent power of art to bridge divides and communicate a universal language. It has the capacity to inspire, provoke, heal, and unite people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. My art invites viewers to embark on their own visual journey, encouraging contemplation of life's wonders and discovering beauty in the ordinary.

Commission and Collaboration:

I am open to commissions and collaborative projects, eager to work with individuals who have specific visions or wish to incorporate my art into their creative endeavors.

Thank you for exploring my artistic world. I hope my work resonates with you. Please feel free to reach out with inquiries or to share your thoughts.

Recent Photography Exhibitions and Publications


FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards

6th annual Fine Art Photography Awards - Wildlife and Animals - Nominee

Berlin, Germany

Blue Art Gallery (BBA) - The Art of Black & White - Group Exhibition



Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) - Minimalism - Group Exhibition

Berlin, Germany

Blue Art Gallery (BBA) - The Art of Black & White - Group Exhibition

Dodho Magazine 

Flower Scans

See article and flower scans collection here

or in-house here

Athens, Greece

Blank Wall Gallery - Nature Photography - Group Exhibition

Birmingham, England

The NEC, Birmingham - Solo Photograph - Group Exhibition

Barcelona, Spain

Valid World Hall - Street Photography - Group Exhibition

Vienna, Austria

Hinterland Galerie - Story Telling - Group Exhibition



Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ranikar Gallery - Alone Standing Photographs - Group Exhibition


Tel Aviv, Israel

Zilum Ba'am - The language of Photography - Group Exhibition



Berlin, Germany

Blue Art Gallery (BBA) - Emerging Photographers Group Exhibition

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