jerusalem - old city

Living in Jerusalem never feels ordinary. 

And then, sometimes, it strikes me!

What a beautiful, rich and amazing place this is! My home.


Here, a series of some impressions I shot in the old city of Jerusalem... 

This collection was photographed on the 18th December 2019.

Jerusalem old city neighborhood 

Temple Mount and Kotel - Wailing Wall 

Walking on the roofs of the old city. Here, close to the Temple Mount, with the Mount of Olives on the horizon.

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Life on the roof tops - old Jerusalem.

Below, the hustle and bustle of the markets and the endless passing of people.

Up here, it feels I'm in a village... with some chicken and cats, too.

I move on, towards the Western Wall, and I come across children on a school-break - playing in the open pedestrian streets.

The sun is low at this time of year... and day. 


The shadows are long.


I spend some time here... observing the children.


I recognize myself - not so long ago. Friendships, running, laughing and mischievousness, naughtiness and also gossip... memories relived here.

Only a few steps from here, is the Western Wall, with the Temple Mount above.


This is the center of the world - some of us believe... 

Just a few steps down the hill... 

I leave the Kotel - Western Wall - and walk through a park towards Zion's Gate

View from the park playground, onto the Mount of Olives

I leave the old city through Zion's Gate.

Outside the walls the new city of Jerusalem begins...

Along the city walls there are green parks and beautiful places for relaxing.

I return to my car I had left in Mamilla neighborhood - in a parking garage below the mall.

Mamilla shopping mall

My ride back home - passing the Sultan's pool and the Cinemateque.

I end my photographic journey at the "tayelet", with a sunset view of the old city of Jerusalem.

Thank you for joining me today!

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Old City of Jerusalem