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jerusalem - old city

Living in Jerusalem never feels ordinary. 

And then, sometimes, it strikes me!

What a beautiful, rich and amazing place this is! My home.


Here, a series of some impressions I shot in the old city of Jerusalem... 

This collection was photographed on the 18th December 2019.

Jerusalem Old City neighborhood

Jerusalem old city neighborhood 

Temple Mount and Kotel - Wailing Wall 

On the roofs of the Jerusalem Old City

Walking on the roofs of the old city. Here, close to the Temple Mount, with the Mount of Olives on the horizon.

The roof tops of the old city of Jerusal

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Scanography Collection

Life on the roof tops - old Jerusalem.

Below, the hustle and bustle of the markets and the endless passing of people.

Up here, it feels I'm in a village... with some chicken and cats, too.

I move on, towards the Western Wall, and I come across children on a school-break - playing in the open pedestrian streets.

School court yard in the Jewish Quarter

The sun is low at this time of year... and day. 


The shadows are long.


I spend some time here... observing the children.


I recognize myself - not so long ago. Friendships, running, laughing and mischievousness, naughtiness and also gossip... memories relived here.

Students on their break - old city, Jeru
The end of the school day
Boys playing - old city Jerusalem

Only a few steps from here, is the Western Wall, with the Temple Mount above.


This is the center of the world - some of us believe... 

Just a few steps down the hill... 

Jewish boy playing ball
Jerusalem Temple Mount and Kotel - Waili
By the Western Wall, Jerusalem
Women Section at the Western Wall

I leave the Kotel - Western Wall - and walk through a park towards Zion's Gate

New and old - Old city Jerusalem
Playground and ancient city walls, in th

View from the park playground, onto the Mount of Olives

View towards the Mount of Olives

I leave the old city through Zion's Gate.

Outside the walls the new city of Jerusalem begins...

Path by the Old city Walls - Jerusalem
Jerusalem Old City Walls

Along the city walls there are green parks and beautiful places for relaxing.

I return to my car I had left in Mamilla neighborhood - in a parking garage below the mall.

Young people walking in Jerusalem

Mamilla shopping mall

Men walking silhouettes

My ride back home - passing the Sultan's pool and the Cinemateque.

Jerusalem Promenade - view of the Old Ci

I end my photographic journey at the "tayelet", with a sunset view of the old city of Jerusalem.

Thank you for joining me today!

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